Rules of the Game

1. The main objective of the game is to sink the ball with as little as possible contacts in the target spots at the end of the tracks. A target spot can either be a normal hole or a special target, for example a goal wall. A track is completed when the ball is holed in the point of destination. The start normally is always on track 1, if long waiting times arise, you can start on other free paths (for example, starting at track 5, then the game ends after 18 holes on track 4).

2. You shoot the ball from the respective area of a track with the foot on the ground. Every touch of the ball is counted as one shoot. While shooting, one foot should always touch the ground. Clamping and jumping up with the ball is not allowed.

3. If the ball lands next to the golf ground in the so called “rough” (tall grass, weeds), it may be played from there. If it lands on another track, the ball has to be returned to the last shooting point. As a penalty one additional point has to be added to the scorecard. The same rule applies if the ball lands on unplayable grounds or hits one of the outer fences.

4. There is a specific “par number” for each golf ground. This is a guide to the number of shots, with which the ground can be successfully recorded. The maximum number of shots for each ground is the “par-number” times three (e.g. Par 3 x 3 = max. 9 attempts). If the ball is not in the target hole but you have no more additional attempts left, you have to write down the “par-number” times four (as penalty) (e.g. Par 3 x 4 = 12). After noting the attempts of every player, you can move on to the next track. The player with the smallest combined amount of shots on all tracks wins the game.

5. The players of one flight (max. 4 players in a group on a ground) shoot alternately. The player whose ball has the highest distance to the target spot is the one to play the next ball. The player who had the best result on the previous track has to begin at the next track.
If another ball impedes the desired shooting direction, you may ask to secure the handicapping ball. To do so, the place on which the ball lies is marked and the player removes the ball. If a ball is not backed up and hits the opponent's ball, the handicapping ball is put back on its original position. The ball which has been shot has to stay on its new position.

In general:

  • Please let faster and smaller groups pass!
  • The flags remain stuck and barriers may not be changed!
  • Football-shoes are not allowed!
  • Everyone has to respect the cleanliness. Dogs are not allowed to be brought on the tracks!
  • The instructions of the supervisory personnel must be strictly followed!.
  • Playing on the football golf - conditioning at your own risk.
  • The points are calculated on the number of shots and penalty points.
  • The player with the fewest points wins the game.


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